From Whence We Came


From Whence We Came is intended for students in all walks of their “educational careers”. Whether you choose a 2-year trade school or a 4-year college or university, pursuing your degree will become your “job” after high school. You are now a “career student”, and you job becomes getting an education. The advice and principles offered can be applied no matter what form of higher education you are seeking.

Prayerfully, you will find the students’ wisdom an experiences useful.


Autumn’s Insight

As I prepared for college I often found myself to be frazzled. My grandmother was the
only person in my immediate family who received a higher education. With that being so long
ago, my family often struggled with helping me apply and prepare for college. I remember
applying to literally 20 schools simply because I did not have a clue of where I wanted to go. I
would advise high school students to start looking at schools no later than the beginning of their
junior year so it does not all hit them at once. I would also advise students to prepare for
academic and social adjustments.

Before going to Spelman College I was very shy and for the most part I stayed to myself.
I realized on move-in day that this could not be the case for me in college. For the first time in
my life I had a roommate and I would have to at the very least co-exist with someone else in a
small space. Luckily for me, she is one of my closest friends now. My roommate was able to
reassure me and remind me that all of us were struggling with similar things. After finishing my
first semester I realized that I would be okay and I was no longer overwhelmed. Of course
everyone will have tough days or even weeks, but that is completely normal. All of the stress and
hard work I put into getting to this moment was well worth it. My family and high school
prepared me well for the workload of college by juggling sports, clubs, and schoolwork. I would
advise anyone preparing for college to be ready for an abundance of assignments, exams, and

Although I am only a sophomore, I can already tell that these four years are going to fly
by. I often hear people say “college is the best four years of your life”. Every time someone says
this I am taken aback and I have to remember to seize the moment. You have to make the best
out of each and every second. While I strongly suggest being involved on campus in clubs and
socially with friends, it is most important to remember that your work comes first. College is an
adjustment solely because you no longer have anyone there to make sure you wake up for class
or anyone to put you into check when you want to go out with your friends but know you have a
test at 9 o’clock the next morning. The moment you stay in your room or take a trip to the library
to study instead of going out is when you become a responsible student. Your future is in your

~ Autumn James


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